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01/16/2019 Headed into another year!

Well, it’s been a minute since our last blog! In 2018 we welcomed our newest SBO family member (sweetest little girl on earth), Anna-James Carolyne Watkins, attended many festivals throughout the gulf coast and made it through all four seasons of designing/launching products.  It’s hard to believe 2019 will mark our third year in business here at South Bayou Outfitters! Many companies would have changed their focus or business plan many times over, but we are proud to say everything remains the same for us at SBO. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best quality southern lifestyle apparel that Stands Tall above the rest. We’ve learned a lot over these short couple of years and even met some really good people along the way. While our focus hasn’t changed, our products change constantly. Everyday, every month and every season we take the opportunity to fine tune every product we offer and make it even better than before. We’re getting geared up now to bring you even more apparel and headwear collections we think your going to like... Don’t forget to stop by our booth #246 at the Mobile Boat Show 02/08/19 - 02/10/19 where we will launch many of these new collections at discounted prices! 

Stand Tall - John & Ethan


10/30/2017 Explorer Series hitting home.

We have officially sold out of our favorite shadow grass camo hat ! Every time we create a hat collection we try to add something new and better to the mix. We knew we needed to add camo to the mix as soon as possible and what better time than Fall. Production is in the works and we expect to have inventory locked and loaded just in time for Christmas. Supplies are limited in the cinnamon, khaki and forest explorer series so grab one while they last. We strive to keep a readily stocked inventory of all our hats, but production times can sometimes slow around the holidays.

Stand Tall - Ethan & John


07/15/2017 Heather Blend taking flight.

We kind of decided at the beginning that the SBO heather blend was probably our favorite, but we didn't know what everyone else's favorite would be when we started. Well, its safe to say everyone's favorite summer shirt is the SBO heather blend. We apologize if your size/color has been unavailable. Shipments are on their way! We currently offer three colors in the heather tee, but we are always open for suggestions. If you have a color you want us to carry just click on the contact us tab to send us a message! 

Stand Tall.....John & Ethan


05/01/2017 And we're off!

So the big launch day has happened. Over seven months of beta testing, designing, research and development, website building and all that cool/fun/sometimes not fun other stuff. Then, with one click of the mouse we introduced South Bayou to the world with one hope.. That people would see what we had created and find a reflection of themselves in our brand. Waking up the next day to orders needing fulfillment was all we needed. Our motivation to be the best southern lifestyle brand grows daily. We're one month in and restocking everything already! Every time we order products we try to add something new. No matter how small the detail we want to keep tailoring our products to be the very best.  Thanks to everyone for your continued support. 

Stand Tall..... John & Ethan