About us

Our southern roots run deep here at South Bayou Outfitters. From the Alabama woods and rivers right down to the salty waters of the Gulf. It's in our blood and it's who we are. We strive to outfit the outdoorsman with a brand that's not only dependable, but a reflection of who we are while using the finest field tested gear out there. Follow us as we expand our line with outerwear including all weather jackets, vests, pants, fishing accessories and hunting accessories. Our goal is to truly outfit the outdoorsman for all occasions.

Our Mantra: Stand Tall

With the ability to catch your eye in any southern setting, the great blue heron is one of the most renowned hunters on the water. Whether it be open coastal waters or inshore wetlands, the heron is at home. At South Bayou Outfitters, we deliver premium products with southern roots that is sure to make you Stand Tall above the rest.